Colin Nicklas


Colin is a strategy and leadership consultant and an experienced executive and performance coach, who is passionate about the impact that great leadership can have in all walks of life.

During a 24 year career as a Royal Naval Engineer Officer he was twice responsible for the post-graduate leadership development of the Service’s officers and helped instil a coaching culture at all levels of management. In his final role he played a key part in developing strategic level plans for the UK Government’s response to global events, including crisis response for the “Arab Awakening” across the Middle East and North Africa, and contingent planning for the 2015 earthquake in Nepal and political uncertainty in sub-Saharan Africa.

Colin holds Honours and Master’s degrees in Engineering and achieved a post-graduate diploma in Executive Coaching.  He is a Chartered Engineer and member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology and a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

Since leaving the Navy in 2011 Colin has worked with local government, the NHS and the private sector as a coach and leadership consultant. He has also supported the offshore oil exploration industry as a performance improvement specialist with a clear focus on enhancing leadership.  This most recent experience led to membership of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and an elected position on the committee of the Human Factors Technical Section.

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