How Can You Motivate Your Workforce?

An organisation is only as good as its people and its people are the custodians of an organisation’s reputation. So why do we neglect to motivate our people to enhance our business? In order for an organisation to deliver the right performance and hence enhance its reputation the employees within it need to be motivated and believe in the organisation they belong to. But it’s not just people, it’s talented people who engage, they own issues, out-perform peers and have reach for the future and they are an organisation’s greatest asset, its strongest allies and also its biggest critics.

The problem with our modern world is its volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Particularly as we come out of Europe and find ourselves having to stand up to a more isolationist USA; so leadership becomes more important within an organisation. So, understanding how to motivate employees to deliver above and beyond expectation is a real challenge for every modern business leader. Each staff member is different and each requires to be motivated in different ways whether they be intrinsic or extrinsic.

How to motivate your staff in effective ways:

An organisation’s talent needs to be engaged if it is not to lose motivation and depart for fresher opportunities. Every single employee arrives on day one with enthusiasm and expectation and it dwindles as the employee becomes aware of the realities of their role and the care and regard an organisation shows them.

It often amazes me that leaders often blame the individual for losing motivation without examining their own role in that deterioration in engagement. Good leaders understand the diverse ways to motivate their talented team members to achieve great things by knowing their needs and their ambitions, by challenging them appropriately to inspire greater performance, by influencing them to develop themselves and supporting them in doing so.

This is a challenge for all leaders and business owners, but one which can be made easier if we have a better understanding of what motivates the 21st century employee. While every individual will have their own motivators, there are clear trends and research to show what motivates employees has changed significantly over time and, as employers, we may not be getting it right.

The Gallup “State of the Global Workplace Report (2017)” states:

Effective leaders know that as the world changes, their organization must adapt accordingly. The most important question they face now is how to rise to that challenge in ways that create prosperous citizens, organizations and countries.

So just how well do you engage the talent within your business? How well trained are you and your leaders to engage with that talent? How are you going to secure your talent pool for the future?

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