The public disturbances and rioting that is going on in London as I write this blog appear to be spreading to other cities across the country. The Prime Minister, Home Secretary and Mayor of London have all returned early from their holidays to provide leadership to a situation where a tragic death has allowed opportunistic petty criminals to exploit a situation which should have been controlled a good deal earlier.  Where are the leaders?

Leaders make decisions and influence decisions as Marshall Goldsmith stated “Every decision in the world is made by the person who has the power to make that decision – not the “right” person, or the “smartest” person, or the most ” qualified” person, and in most cases not you. If you do not influence this person, you will not make a positive difference. Make peace with this. You will have a better life! And you will make more of a positive difference in your organization and you will be happier.” It is up to members of the public, the police, the local communities and the national power structures to make decisions and influence decisions, to become leaders otherwise without such people a nation careers blindly and ignorantly towards anarchy. Basically it is about having the guts to lead!  Every bit of media reporting I hear or see blames someone else: its the rioters fault, its the police’s fault, its the Government’ s fault. Now is not the time to blame but the time to come together as a community the time to replace selfish agendas with social ones.  Leaders rise from such occasions, leaders influence and leaders take responsibility; they are the ones that will allow those who are perpetrating the crimes to see the error of their ways, they are the ones who will ensure that the right  policing measures are put in place to prevent further escalation. They unfortunately seem to be conspicuous by their absence. I wonder where are the leaders?

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